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Benefits of Membership

Government Affairs / Industry Advocacy

By our membership and participation in other industry related groups, we advocate for our industry and for our customers. By our participation, we have our finger on the pulse of changes in alarm ordinances, installation requirements, consumer issues, etc. On your behalf, we regularly participate with NWAFAA, FARA, Multnomah County Alarm Task Force, Portland Police Bureau Alarm User Education, WAESA, etc.

The Latest Industry News/Events/Quarterly meetings

Professionals know that only the most current information can keep them on top, and only OBFAA members receive the latest news dealing with the alarm industry in the Pacific Northwest. This keeps you on top of local trends, laws, products and people and allows you to make informed decisions as to the future of your business.We publish in the “Mirror”, promote and report on industry events, and have quarterly meetings with relevant guest speakers.

Making Your Opinion Count

As the only professional organization in the state dedicated to furthering the interest of business in our industry, the OBFAA represents YOU and YOUR opinion to consumers, lawmakers, and the public at large.

Strength in Numbers

The bigger the organization, the louder its voice. As the OBFAA continues to grow, our ability to influence the outcome of major issues increases. It also helps to know you’re not alone—the OBFAA is out there fighting for you.

Professional Training

We have a reciprocal membership with the NWAFAA that offers discounts on professional industry training, regular fire industry meetings, and advocacy.


As a member of the OBFAA, you are able to use our logo for marketing, promotion and advertising, letting your customers know that you support our industry. Professional organizations choose to participate in their industries including the OBFAA!