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We, as members of the OREGON BURGLAR & FIRE ALARM ASSOCIATION, shall dedicate ourselves to the maintenance of professionalism within the alarm protection industry by our strict adherence to both the letter and spirit of the elements embodied in this Code of Conduct.

We will continuously strive to improve upon our knowledge of products, as well as the skills and techniques of our industry through on-going training and education of ourselves and our employees.

We will be guided always by a spirit of justice, honesty and fairness in all dealings with customers, competitors and members of our own and associated industries.

We will endeavor to preserve cooperative relationships with local city, county and state agencies by aggressively pursuing our responsibilities to the communities within which we live and work.

We will respect the reputation and practice of other firms in the alarm industry and will promote compliance with local laws, ordinances and requirements.

We will not knowingly engage in any conduct which brings discredit, fosters ill-will or otherwise disrupts the public trust bestowed upon the alarm industry.

We will cooperate and assist with various regulatory agencies in developing and implementing legislation beneficial to the public and to the alarm industry.

We will strive to reduce the incidence of false alarms by maintaining a high level of professionalism with regard to the sales, installation and service of our alarm systems.

We assume these responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful that they are part of our obligation as a member of this association.